Partnership Learning Media Services

Another of our bespoke services comes in the form of media management, this is run by  an experienced and enthusiastic staff whom have a passion for producing high quality video content along with editing together projects of varying sizes.
Our portfolio is extensive and ranges from the use of DSLR Cameras and 4K Video Production to poster and flyer production for various high profile events.

We also offer consultancy and classroom assistance.

This is a highly valued service that can help raise the profile of any establishment.


What we offer:

PL Media Services offer the ability to create professional level products at a very low cost.

Our Services Include:

  • Live Performance Recording
  • Video Creation
  • Photography
  • Editing
  • DVD & CD creation

Services are priced at £50 per hour which includes equipment hire and planning.

This price is reduced to £35 per hour if you are signed up to a Partnership Learning Support Service contract.


Products such as DVDs and CDs are priced individually, allowing you control over how many are created.